Reach Extension

Brand Association

Audience Engagement

Brand Safety


We are compliant with
IAB standard VAST/VPAID tags
which are widely accepted and easy to implement.

The platform used by ZuperAds is one of the first video ad platforms to be certified by the IAB. Advertisers benefit from ZuperAds Play’s
Interactive video advertising
technology in many ways.

Rich content ads can be served for video, images, animations, content feeds, social media and dynamic content through our
customized ad building solution.

Why ZuperAds?

Reach Extension

Extend exposure of your video to more audiences across other local and international sites. Frequency capping ensures you maximize your reach to new users

Brand Association

Associate your brand alongside professional video content.

Audience Engagement

Incorporate interactive elements within your video pre-rolls and increase audience engagements.



Get access to open site-lists that inform you where your ads will be shown.


Brand Safety

A whitelisted site list and our SSP technology ensures brand safety for your campaigns.


Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reports with metrics that help fine tune your next campaign.

Vast Experience

We executed more than 400 video campaigns in 2014 across 100+ premium brands


Inventory Strength

We work with more than 3000 publishers directly and via networks across content categories ensuring inventory availability for any client.

Dedicated Team

Our experts across sales, campaign implementation, creative come together to give a cohesive campaign experience.


Creative Prowess

Dedicated in-house team produces creative at no cost to you!

Competitive Pricing

Get all of the above at the best rates in the industry!

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