What can you do with ZuperX?

Get quality traffic and leads from the most reliable inventory pool via best-in-class technology! Zuperads offers a wide spectrum of cost models catering to both clients objectives of awareness and ROI.

Bring the right people to your website

Get your message across.
Automatically find new customers online and draw in the people who are looking for what you’re offering.

Turn curious visitors into paying customers

Stay on top of your future customers’ minds. Display retargeting ads to visitors who showed intent but haven’t made the decision yet.

Unlock the power of Shopping Ads with minimum effort

Sign up for the biggest product release for e-commerce marketers in 2019 and let us do the rest for you. Limited seats available.

How it works

We achieve our goals via a wide range of inventory so as to get you the best in the shortest time possible!

1. Create a free account

Sign up with your email and set up your account in a few clicks. Activate it with a link in your inbox and you’re all set!

2. Design your own ads

Create eye-catching ads all by yourself. Select a template from our collection or create a unique ad from a blank canvas in minutes.

3. Set up a campaign in minutes

Get your campaign up and running in no time. All you have to do is set your goals – the rest will be taken care of.

4. Watch ZuperX optimise it for you

We’re proud of the results our AI is delivering with smart ad placements. Once you see how much time it will save you, we’re sure you’ll see why.

5. Discover useful insights

See transparent reports of how your ads are performing on which websites, and track what you’re getting for your money.

6. Reach customers that are slipping away

Stay top of mind with the people who visited your site and left without buying anything, with retargeting ads.

Global Ad Inventory

Global Ad Inventory

Ad Formats

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