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ZuperMobiX is your one stop shop for programmatic user acquisition and re-engagement

Find All Of Your Best Users

Machine learning is only as good as the data you feed it. We use unbiased ML to maximize your reach and find new pockets of quality users in the dynamic app ecosystem.

Deliver The Most Engaging Ad Experience

Click through rates are overrated. We build and test creatives to drive real conversions – subscriptions, purchases, and ad revenue events.

Optimize For Your User LTV Goals

Not all actions are equal. We use a unique Cost Per Revenue model to find users who generate the most revenue for your app.

ZuperMobiX By The Numbers

Reach a global audience and start driving the best users to your app today.

Ad Impressions

Served Daily

Creative A/B Tests

Run Monthly

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in the App Industry

Maximize user engagement and revenue

We focus on helping you acquire users who actively engage and spend in your app – no matter the app vertical.

  • Reach 98% of mobile app users programmatically in over 1M apps
  • Find all of the best users for your app with best in-class machine learning
  • Deliver the most engaging ad experience with your very own creative team
  • With CPA, optimize for users who take actions in your app
  • With CPR, optimize for users who generate revenue for your app

Short term investments, long term results

Once your campaign is setup, our machine learning platform starts learning how to best reach your UA goals. We first optimize for CPI to gather enough install data, then switch to optimizing for what really matters – post-install events. When ML is fully optimized, ZuperMobiX will be able to scale your campaign while sacrificing very little KPI increases.

Find all of your best app users

ZuperMobiX uses unbiased ML to scale performance. By training ML on a comprehensive, clean and accurate data, unbiased ML is able to adapt to the changing capp ecosystem and continually find new pockets of performance.

 How our ML is different

  • Looks at all of the users throughout the day
  • Drive repeat engagements – purchases, renewals, and recurring ad revenue events
  • Blocks accidental clicks
  • Optimizes for users who are likely to convert in your app

Deliver the most engaging ad experience

The ZuperMobiX creative team, leveraging your design assets, will build and a/b test your ads for you

  • How we build creatives:
  • Brand safe with clear CTAs and high resolution images
  • Drive real conversions with impression to install metric
  • Personalized to fit user’s device and screen size

Supercharge your UA with Re-Engagement

Re-engage your users to maximize user lifetime value.

  • Activate your user base
    Convert installs into engaged users
  • Create loyalty
    Drive repeat engagements – purchases, renewals, and recurring ad revenue events
  • Reactivate dormant users
    Retarget loyal users who have churned

Learn how ZuperMobiX can help you grow a high quality app user base at scale.

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